No matter what kind of business you’re in, be it wholesale, retail, services or professional, you can benefit from visiting this site. Home Biz. See, every busy must have one vital thing to survive. WITHOUT IT, EVERY BUSINESS DIES. Do you know what it is? Unless you have a systemized approach for constantly attracting and acquiring new clients, you will struggle… may not even survive.

We can help you change all that.

As new media specialists we’ve helped clients build successful eCommerce divisions from scratch. Many go on to supersede the bricks and mortar sales.

That’s we we’ll do for your business too.

But know this…

We CANNOT accept every one who asks to be a client. Although we’re very willing to help almost any honest business, we also choose carefully only those businesses whom we believe we can help hugely – and share the same philosophy and customer concerns as we do. In other words, this is a very serious relationship because we make our clients a lot of money, but they must be compatible. They must do their part to comply.

If we cannot help you, we will at least steer you in the right direction or may recommend other solutions.

Another reason that we carefully choose our clients is that we prefer to be paid based on results whenever possible. Thus we are entrusting tens of thousands of dollars to our clients and expect to be paid in a timely manner.

As you see the kind of results we deliver to our clients is unprecedented because of the specific type of direct response measurable marketing we’ve developed.

These fellows understand the new media like none I know and  do know many. They’ll counsel you and help you make money. Unfortunately, you have to convince them you are worth working with. (At least, I had to.) But, if they do accept you, your life will change.

Geoff McLeod, Scottish Antiquities

We Pride Ourselves On Producing Measurable Results Our Clients Can Bank.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

When business is slow or “off” you can’t just blame it on the economy and hope things will pick up. It doesn’t work that way in the real world. You have to know why people aren’t buying or aren’t buying enough. You have to know what they want to buy. (Hint: It’s NOT what YOU think.) Then you have to motivate them to buy now. This involves several steps of which the average business owner knows little or nothing. But we do. And we’ll deliver the right tools and solutions for your business.

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Identify Target

Failure starts when attempting to market to everyone. You must identify your ideal client.

Ideal Clients

Deal only with those whom you wish to do business with. This makes for an ideal, stress-free business model. Imagine, only the type of customers you want.

Create Messages

Irresistible sales and marketing messages to receptive audience who anxiously awaits hearing from you.

Track & Analyze

The people receiving your messages will anticipate its arrival. Thus they will be more responsive to your offers. Watch your sales and profits increase every time you do this one thing we teach our clients.

Monitor & Analyze

Analyze your web stats and determine the most profitable and least profitable strategies.

Rinse & Repeat

Ramp up your efforts on what’s working like gang-busters and drop what’s not paying its way. You’ll never again waste money on useless advertising that doesn’t work. Invest only in marketing where you can actually measure your returns.

Conventional Bricks & Mortar Business?
GROW IT – with a 24/7  Virtual Sales Assistant
& Untiring, Relentless Ambassador.

We Pride Ourselves On The Results We Help Our Clients Achieve.

Pretty websites can be found all over the Internet. Yet, few make any money worth talking about.  Why? Many reasons. Among them: good looking doesn’t necessarily equate with functionality and practicality. Does your website do a professional job…

  1. Welcoming the visitor,
  2.  Immediately make clear what you offer,
  3. Then steer them where you want them to go,
  4. Educate them about the advantages of favoring you with their business instead of your competitors,
  5. Make them an irresistible offer,
  6. Close the sale,
  7. Collect the money
  8. Follow up to allay buyer’s remorse
  9. Upsell the satisfied customer and educate them about your other products/services,
  10. Rinse and repeat?

If not, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table (for your competitors.) But, these are all vital basic elements of a practical website and should be incorporated into the design process. There IS one other absolutely essential thing your website must do/have – else it won’t be worth a damn. Do you know what it is?

We Are Creative

Creativity is important for breakthroughs. Following the proven, tested, beaten path is smart as long as it’s profitable. Don’t fix what’s not broke. But, don’t stop with what’s working. Try to make it work better. That calls for new insights, twists and angles.

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We Are Scientific

We keep our creativity in check with scientific testing, careful tabulation of results and eagle-eyed scrutiny of data prevents disaster or wasting money on losing propositions. Eliminating losers and scaling winning strategies is key to maximizing profits.

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We Are Successful

We only practice Direct Response marketing which means only one thing matters. RESULTS! Not awards, not accolades or praise. Only what the numbers say. How much did we spend? How much business did it generate? How much did we bank?

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Jason Daniels
Jason DanielsWeb Developer
Award winner for “Functional & Practical” web design and e-commerce development.
Graphic Design 93%
Graphic Design 86%
Janice Johnston
Janice JohnstonPPC - Pay Per Click Advertising
Certified PPC advertising specialist. She turns pennies into dollars day and and day out for our clients.
WordPress 96%
Web Design 85%
David McDonald
David McDonaldSocial Media Guru
FaceBook, Linked-In, Twitter, Instagram. He does it all with impressive results.
Javascript 95%
Our Team
Our TeamDedicated to Our Clients Success
This is the rest of our genius team of experts. Ask them anything to do with business, new media and growing sales and profits.
Our Team
Our TeamDedicated to Our Clients Success
This is the rest of our genius team of experts. Ask them anything to do with business, new media and growing sales and profits.

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