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When you use us, you get the benefit of many years of real-world experience. We know what works now and what doen't.

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Our clients do more business after engaging our services because we test everything we do and track the results we get. Thus everyday, we use our own websites and Internet properties to KNOW what’s currently working. With the New-Media, everything changes FAST. That’s good for our clients. They operate with accurate knowledge while their competitors are guessing.

Marketing Products

Our clients receive specific marketing intelligence from us so they can continue to whip the competition.

Non Clients

We can’t accept all who come to us as clients. That’s just not possible. However, those whom we do not accept as clients, can still have access to our sales and profit boosting programs and systems. We’ve made some of our best tactics and strategies for Online business success available through Online seminars (webinars), tele-seminars, live training workshops and home-study courses.

Application Process

If you'd like to explore the possibility of becoming a client, there is a screening process. There's no charge for this and there's no obligation on either of us.

First Things First

Before we go further. Let’s take a look at each other. Contact us using the form below and give us some details of what your business is and the type of help you’re looking for. In other words, tell us what you’d like to have happen and we’ll reply.


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Offices in New Orleans LA., San Francisco CA., London UK.,  other countries. Because of the marvels of technology and new-media, most of our clients never visit us in person. Who has time these days to travel across the country (or world) to retain the absolute best specialists for your business. Now you can get world-class advice and help without leaving your business or travelling anywhere.

Main Office: 25th Floor, Place St. Charles, 201 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans LA 70170
Email: [email protected]

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